Raleigh Native Goes Full Country After Riding Four-Wheeler For the First Time

A Raleigh man turned into a country boy after riding a four-wheeler for the first time Saturday in rural Ohio.

Before he spent the weekend in Deerfield, Ohio, Jack Thomas told reporters he hadn’t considered himself country in any way.

“Fore I got up north, I reckon I warnt no country boy,” Thomas explained. “But I jumped on that thar 4-wheeler, by mahself, and what happened was ah just went full-on country.”

“Ah tore through the thicket on them four wheels, on thar n’ erthang, and doggone it that was it.”

Annie Thomas, Jack’s wife, said that she had never seen him act in that manner.

“He grew up in Cary,” Mrs. Thomas said, “pleated khakis and button-down shirts were his jam.”

“But ever since he rode that four-wheeler, he’s bought a camouflage hat with one of those fish hooks in the bill, he started dipping Copenhagen, and he actually knows who George Strait is now.”

Mrs. Thomas, who is country herself, said she was pleased with her husband’s transformation, but that she was a little worried about where it might lead.

“I just hope he doesn’t go too country,” Mrs. Thomas said. “The last thing I need is him trying to get me to drink Busch Light.”

“I’ve got better things to do than drink that mess.”

Doreana Stickle, Mrs. Thomas’s mother, said she was fine with Mr. Thomas going full country as long as it didn’t involve NASCAR.

“NASCAR is a slippery slope,” Stickle said.

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