Hurricanes Fan Upset After Aho Refuses Financial Advice

A Carolina Hurricanes fan became upset when Sebastian Aho refused his financial advice and signed an offer sheet with the Montreal Canadiens Monday for 5 years at 8.454 million per year.

Mike Benson, of Raleigh, claimed that he had reached out to Aho regarding his free agency and offered financial advice.

“I just wanted to help the kid,” Benson told reporters. “I’m no expert, but I do listen to Dave Ramsey on a regular basis.”

“Plus I’ve won five games of Monopoly in my lifetime, so I know how to handle money. I’m not sure they have Monopoly where Sebastian is from.”

Gerry Johansson, Aho’s agent, said that he couldn’t remember hearing from Benson at any time in the last month.

“I’ve been pretty busy negotiating for my client’s services,” Johansson explained. “If someone had reached out to us with any financial advice, then I wouldn’t hesitate to listen.”

Benson was not satisfied with Johansson’s explanation.

“All he had to do was go on Facebook,” Benson said, “and he would’ve seen a bunch of fans offering advice on what to do during free agency. Doesn’t that guy have internet access?”

The Hurricanes now have one week to match Montreal’s offer.

Benson said he would have told Aho not to sign the offer sheet.

“I can’t believe he would do that,” Benson said. “Canadian dollars aren’t worth as much as American dollars, I mean come on.”

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