UNC Fan Caught Spying on NC State Players, Denies Caring About NC State

A Chapel Hill man was found spying on North Carolina State University football players Friday near the school’s practice facility in Raleigh.

Grant Bryant, a self-described Tar Heels fan, was found by Raleigh Police officers on Westchase Blvd, next to NC State’s Close-King Indoor Practice Facility, with a pair of binoculars and a single spiral notebook.

Bryant denied that he had been spying on any players, and told reporters he was simply trying to get some shade from the rising summer temperature.

“I don’t care about State at all,” Bryant said. “The fact that anyone would assume that I do is laughable.”

“I was just trying to shade myself from the intense heat. The heat index was 104, last time I checked. I swear I don’t care about State.”

Police found a list of Wolfpack football players in the notebook, complete with individual statistics, heights and weights.

When asked about the list, Bryant claimed that he found the notebook in the bushes.

“That’s definitely not mine,” Bryant explained. “I don’t care about State.”

Regarding the binoculars, Bryant told the police that they were for bird-watching.

“I was on the hunt for a yellow-bellied sapsucker,” Bryant explained. “I’m very much into birds. I don’t care about State.”

“I’ve got better things to do than spy on State players, because they’re not even our rival.”

NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren was skeptical when he heard about Bryant’s story.

“Yeah, he was hiding in a bush near our practice facility with a pair of binoculars and a notebook full of our players’ names,” Doeren said. “But no, there’s no way he was spying on us.”

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