Jimmy John’s Accused of Cultural Appropriation With “Frenchie” Sub

A group of protesters gathered in front of a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Cary on Friday in response to its continued sale of the Frenchie sub.

The leader of the protesters, Wayne Clark, founder of the Coalition Against French Cultural Appropriation, or CAFCA, told reporters that the Frenchie sub was a slap in the face to French people around the globe.

“It’s unconscionable,” Clark explained. “The wonderful people of French descent do not deserve to be thought of in the same vein as a sub sandwich.”

“Our French ancestors did not surrender to the Nazis almost 80 years ago just to be mocked like this.”

The Frenchie is a sub consisting of salami, capicola, provolone, and salted butter on a baguette.

Jimmy John’s founder and chairman James John Liautaud denied that cultural appropriation was the driving force behind the sale of the Frenchie.

“That’s just ridiculous,” Liautaud said. “It’s not like we package the sandwich with a white flag or anything.”

“Who would want to appropriate a culture of hairy nude beaches and surrendering, anyway? Not me, that’s for sure.”

Clark explained that if Jimmy John’s didn’t stop marketing the Frenchie, then he would call for a boycott on the sandwich chain.

“I’m serious,” Clark said. “CAFCA will rise up and send Jimmy John’s the way of the Dodo.”

When told of the boycott threat, Liautaud rolled his eyes.

“Let’s hope those people don’t find out about French’s mustard,” Liautaud said.

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