Miami Turnover Chain Spotted in Pawn Shop, Team Claims it’s a Fake

A Coral Gables resident claimed Saturday to have spotted the Miami Hurricanes’ infamous turnover chain in a local pawn shop, drawing a swift rebuke from the team.

Joey Pantone, an avid Hurricanes fan, said he stopped by Don-Z Cash Pawnbroker to pawn a pair of leather chaps when he noticed the turnover chain hanging behind the counter.

“I was like oh hell no,” Pantone told reporters. “No wonder they’ve been playing so lousy, their turnover chain is collecting dust in a pawn shop.”

“I wanted to buy it myself and give it back to the team, but I couldn’t get enough back for my chaps to cover the cost.”

Hurricanes Head Coach Manny Diaz addressed the issue following the team’s 42-35 loss to Virginia Tech Saturday, claiming the chain spotted at Don-Z was a knockoff.

“It couldn’t have been the turnover chain,” Diaz said. “When were not playing we have 24-surveillance on that thing to make sure it doesn’t get swiped.”

“It is irresponsible for anyone to try to replicate the coveted turnover chain. Our fans and our university deserve better than that.”

An employee at Don-Z, who asked to remain anonymous, said the chain was brought in Friday before the Miami-Virginia Tech game.

“This dude in maroon and orange came in wearing it around his neck,” the employee explained. “Said his name was Fuente or something like that.”

“He said he needed some fast cash, so I gave him twenty bucks for it.”

Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente could not be reached for comment.

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