Nationals and Astros Players Awarded Extra Doubles Following Game 5 Flashing Incident

In response to two women flashing their chests during Game 5 of the World Series, Major League Baseball announced Monday that each player on the field at the time of the incident would be awarded an additional double towards their batting statistics.

Shagmag founder Julia Rose and company brand executive Lauren Summer were banned indefinitely from Major League Baseball after flashing their chests during the 7th inning of Game 5 Sunday between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros at Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said he had no choice but to award additional doubles to the participating players’ statistics.

“They didn’t do anything wrong,” Manfred explained. “I tell you, I’ve never seen so many guys get to second base so quickly.”

“It was actually kind of impressive. I didn’t get to second base until I was twenty-four.”

Washington Nationals Third Baseman Anthony Rendon, who was walked once in three at-bats for the game, told reporters he wouldn’t object to the statistical boost.

“I’ll never turn down an additional double,” Rendon said. “Especially those doubles.”

“But I would’ve preferred that we had won the game.”

Astros Pitcher Gerrit Cole, who was on the mound when the incident occurred, said he thought Rose and Summer’s flashing was for President Donald Trump, who made an appearance at the game.

“I thought they might be protesting him (Trump) or something,” Gurriel said. “Which is one hell of a way to do it.”

“Oh well, thirty years from now I can tell my friends I made it to second base in the World Series as a pitcher.”

President Trump denied having any knowledge of the flashing.

“I did not expect that at all,” Trump said. “I have a hard enough time getting to second base with Melania these days.”

The Astros currently lead the Nationals three games to two, with Game 6 scheduled for Tuesday at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to start on the mound for Washington, while Justin Verlander will start for Houston.

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