NC State AD Offers to Fly Roy Williams to Chicago Bulls Games

North Carolina State University Athletics Director Boo Corrigan created a stir Wednesday when he offered to fly UNC Basketball Coach Roy Williams to all of NBA rookie Coby White’s games.

Corrigan told reporters that despite the fierce rivalry between the respective schools, he was impressed when Williams flew to Chicago to see White’s Bulls play Tuesday.

“I was thoroughly impressed,” Corrigan said. “To actually care about these kids, to take time out of your schedule to go see them play, and in Chicago for God’s sake.”

“It was quite touching, so I don’t want Roy to miss a thing, kind of like that Aerosmith song, anything that Coby does on the court.”

White scored 27 points Tuesday night, including a franchise-record seven 3-pointers in the fourth quarter, as the Bulls defeated the New York Knicks 120-102.

“I wish he could make it to all my games,” White said afterward.

One Tar Heels fan, however, was upset with Corrigan’s offer.

“Them Moo-U folks are trying to pull one over on Roy,” Ricky Banyan, a lifelong Heels fan from Benson, claimed. “Boo knows damn well that the Bulls have a game in San Antonio the same day that UNC plays Moo U at PNC Arena.”

“Roy ain’t that dumb, now.”

Corrigan denied having any hidden intent behind the offer.

“I mean, I just wanted Roy to be able to go see the best shooter in Chicago who isn’t gang-affiliated,” Corrigan said.

“I like our chances against Steve Robinson more than I do against Roy in Raleigh, but that’s not what this is about at all.”

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