Sam Howell Denies Wearing Crown Before Military Bowl

On the eve of North Carolina’s Military Bowl matchup with Temple in Annapolis, Maryland, Tar Heels quarterback Sam Howell pushed back against rumors that he was spotted wearing a Burger King crown earlier in the week.

Howell told reporters that he was too busy getting ready for the upcoming game to spend time in any fast food restaurants.

“I’ve been preparing for the most important game of my career,” Howell explained. “Nothing against the BK Lounge, but my team comes before Impossible Whoppers and cardboard crowns, 99% of the time.”

UNC Head Coach Mack Brown downplayed the controversy Thursday afternoon.

“All y’all haters must have a slow news week,” Brown said. “Even if he did, who hasn’t worn a cardboard crown at least once in their lives? Peasants, that’s who.”

“Besides, he was probably just practicing for when he wins the Heisman in 2021. Just think of all the kids who will be wearing those same crowns because they want to be like Sam.”

Former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback Jimmy Clausen warned Howell about his perceived arrogance and the trappings of fame.

“I tried the whole crown thing once,” Clausen said. “Now nobody knows who I am.”

“It’s all fun and games until you don’t deliver. Howell would be wise to remember that.”

Howell, however, didn’t appear to be fazed by Clausen’s suggestion.

“What does a guy who makes pickles for a living know about football?” Howell asked.

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