State Fan Goes to Confession for First Time in Years After Wolfpack Falls to Clemson

An NC State fan was spotted attending confession for the first time in over a decade after watching the Wolfpack basketball team fall to Clemson 81-70 Saturday afternoon.

John Paul Pope, a longtime Wolfpack sports optimist, explained to reporters that the game had shaken his faith in the basketball program.

“I’ve been watching State games since I was five,” Pope explained. “I know that CJ Bryce wasn’t playing today due to an injury, but there was absolutely no excuse for this loss.”

“For the first time since the Sidney Lowe era, I took myself down to St. Michael’s Church and went to confession.”

Meghan Fair, another parishioner at St. Michael’s, said she noticed Pope pull in to the church parking lot and clip the priest’s rear bumper with his car.

“I certainly hope he confessed that as well,” Fair said. “He looked like he had been crying, and I felt so bad for him.”

“I made sure to say a Hail Mary for him, but I didn’t tell the priest about the car because I ain’t no snitch.”

Pope would not tell reporters what exactly he confessed to, but he did acknowledge that it was serious.

“Of course it was serious enough for me to feel like I had to go to confession for the first time in a decade,” Pope admitted. “However, I will say that it did not involve potato guns, Fireball or Tar Heel fans.”

“A television set may no longer be with us, though.”

NC State fell to 10-4 on the season, while Clemson improved to 7-7.

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