Man Disappointed to Learn Whalers Night Isn’t a Reggae Concert

A Raleigh man was disappointed after learning Saturday that the well-known Carolina Hurricanes’ promotion Whalers Night wasn’t actually a Reggae concert.

Preston Farrell, a local Reggae enthusiast, told reporters he thought that the promotion was in reference to the Wailers, the band formerly fronted by the late Bob Marley.

“A friend asked me if I was excited about Whalers Night,” Farrell said. “I was like mon you know I be there for the Wailers!”

“I went out and bought some Rasta gear just for the occasion, only to find out that it was actually just a damn hockey game. No Reggae.”

Farrell said even though he was crushed that the Wailers wouldn’t be performing Saturday, he was grateful that he hadn’t bought a ticket.

“I mean, if I knew they were going to at least play some Wailers music during the game then I would consider it,” Farrell said. “I can handle hockey if the music is jumping.”

The Carolina Hurricanes Community Relations department released a statement apologizing for the confusion.

“We regret that any confusion has arisen from the misunderstanding about Whalers Night,” a member of the department, who wished to remain anonymous, read in a press conference. “The promotion is in reference to the former Hartford Whalers, not the band The Wailers. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Whalers Night is scheduled for this evening at 7 in PNC Arena between the Hurricanes (26-16-2) and the Kings (18-24-4).

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