Referees Call Rare Technical Fouls Against NC State Opponent

The NC State men’s basketball team defeated Miami 83-72 Wednesday, after officials called two rare technical fouls against the Hurricanes in the first half.

Towards the end of the first half, Miami forward Sam Waardenburg committed a foul against NC State guard CJ Bryce, and was almost immediately whistled for a technical foul in addition.

The officials then called a second technical foul on the Miami bench, much to the shock of Wolfpack fans watching the game.

Danny Stennis, a longtime NC State fan, said he hadn’t seen anything like it.

“When’s the last time the refs let State shoot that many free throws at one time?” Stennis asked. “It’s a damn miracle, I tell you.”

Hurricanes Head Coach Jim Larranaga told reporters he was baffled by the calls.

“It was just one of those moments that I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” Larranaga said. “The Kennedy assassination, going to the Final Four with George Mason, and the refs actually calling technical fouls against any team playing NC State.”

“It’ll likely be forgotten pretty quick, fortunately. It’s not like a lot of people were at the game to see it.”

The Wolfpack improved to 15-8 with the win and faces Syracuse on Tuesday, while Miami fell to 11-11 and faces 8th-ranked Florida State in Tallahassee Saturday.

Wolfpack Head Coach Kevin Keatts could not be reached for comment, due to a case of brain-freeze brought about by ice cream.

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