Notorious Basketball Referee Eyes Show Business

They don’t call him “TV Teddy” for nothing.

Teddy Valentine, the oft-scrutinized college basketball referee, recently expressed an interest in going into show business once his officiating days are over.

Valentine told reporters Wednesday that he always enjoyed being in the spotlight.

“I have to be honest,” Valentine said. “I love the attention I get as a ref, but I think I could get even more attention if I moved to Hollywood to build my brand.”

“Look at Kermit the Frog, no one knew who he was until he left the swamp and went to Tinseltown. The time is coming for me to leave my swamp.”

Howard Bloom, a talent agent based in Los Angeles, spoke about Valentine’s acting potential.

“He’s certainly got that ‘it’ factor,” Bloom explained. “Think about it, in a basketball arena filled with thousands of people wanting to watch a mere basketball game, TV Teddy is able to turn all the attention on himself with a questionable call.”

“So many people hate him, but more importantly, so many people know him. He could make a killing in the villain department.”

College basketball fans rejoiced at the possibility of Valentine leaving officiating.

Joshua Hunt, an avid UNC fan, said he couldn’t wait for Valentine to go into movies.

“He’s the worst ref I ever did see,” Hunt said. “He’s always been biased against my Tar Heels.”

William Daskin, a lifelong NC State fan, said he wouldn’t lose any sleep over Valentine’s departure.

“TV Teddy is a joke of an official,” Daskin told reporters. “He’s always been biased against the Wolfpack.”

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