Wolfpack Fan Chastised for Enjoying UNC’s Losing Streak

An NC State fan was taken to task Monday night after posting on social media about his pleasure in seeing North Carolina lose to Notre Dame 77-76, its sixth straight defeat.

Danny Evans, a lifelong Wolfpack fan, told reporters that it had been a long time since the Tar Heels had suffered through a bad season, and that he couldn’t resist the urge to make fun of them.

“I couldn’t help myself, they keep losing heartbreakers,” Evans explained. “We know it’s not something their fans are used to, so I decided to talk a little junk on Facebook.”

“Bad move. I forgot that UNC beat us back in January, and some of my fellow Pack fans let me have it.”

Robert Bronson, a fellow Wolfpack supporter, said he had no choice but to call Evans out.

“He knows better than to talk trash about UNC, considering we lost to them in Raleigh,” Bronson said. “State’s having a tough enough season as it is with a 16-9 record.”

“We shouldn’t be making fun of UNC for a bad season if we can’t even beat them on our home court.”

Dante Godwin, another Wolfpack fan, didn’t mince words.

“That Danny guy is an idiot,” Godwin said. “We’re supposed to be State fans, but he’s always talking about the Tar Heels. It’s embarrassing.”

“I told him he needed to stop worrying about a team that we can’t even beat in a down year.”

Evans later apologized for talking too much about UNC’s loss, and added that he was considering taking a hiatus from social media.

“I sincerely apologize for too thoroughly enjoying UNC currently being 10-16 in basketball,” Evans said. “I should be more worried about NC State than the Tar Heels.”

“At this time I am considering going on hiatus, so I can re-assess my priorities as a Wolfpack fan.”