NC State Fan Claims Responsibility For Upset Over 6th-ranked Duke

Following NC State’s 88-66 victory Wednesday in Raleigh over the 6th-ranked Duke Blue Devils, one ecstatic Wolfpack fan was quick to claim some responsibility for the outcome.

Jackson Bowles, a lifelong Wolfpack supporter, told reporters he helped the team avoid being jinxed by refusing to watch the game.

“Well it made sense to me at the time,” Bowles explained. “It seems like every time I watch the Pack on TV they find a way to lose. I watched them lose to Georgia dang Tech twice, for Pete’s sake.”

“I knew this game was important, so I mentally cut the cord. Didn’t watch it, didn’t listen to it on the radio, and look what happened.”

Bowles admitted that it wasn’t an easy task.

“I told my wife that if I started to talk about the game then she was to hit me with the remote,” Bowles said. “We ended up watching the Food Network all night.”

“Hey, it’s not as messy of a superstition as sacrificing a live chicken or wearing the same shirt for a month, right?”

NC State Coach Kevin Keatts applauded Bowles for his efforts.

“Some people have strange superstitions,” Keatts said, “but I commend Mr. Bowles for going above and beyond the call of fandom.”

“If he had watched the game, who knows how it may have turned out? TV Teddy would have probably shown up or something.”

Wolfpack Senior guard Markell Johnson jokingly threatened Bowles to not watch any more NC State games for the rest of the season.

“If he turns on the game Saturday,” Johnson said, “then I’ll break my foot off in that booty.”

The Wolfpack improved to 17-9 on the season, while Duke fell to 22-4.

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