Wolfpack Fan Starts GoFundMe for Braxton Beverly

An NC State basketball fan decided to start a GoFundMe campaign Wednesday in order to raise money for a masseuse to assist Wolfpack Junior guard Braxton Beverly.

Beverly, who has been battling back spasms for the majority of the season, has averaged 6.9 points per game while shooting 36.5 percent from behind the arc.

According to Terry Krill, the Wolfpack fan who started the campaign for Beverly, however, those numbers should be significantly higher.

“That kid should be averaging about 15 points a game with that shot of his,” Krill explained to reporters. “Unfortunately he’s constantly having problems with his back. Hence the need for a fantastic masseuse to help him get his confidence back.”

Krill said he wasn’t exactly picky about what kind of masseuse he was raising funds for, just as long as it helped Beverly get healthy.

“I don’t care if it’s some Romanian au pair living in Cary who walks up and down his back,” Krill said. “We need Beverly healthy, period.”

“Preferably not someone with Coronavirus, though. We’ve had enough health issues with this team already.”

Other fans were not as enthusiastic about the plan.

William Kellogg, a lifelong Wolfpack fan, said there may be an easier solution for Beverly’s back issues.

“Maybe needs to quit partying with all the ladies on Hillsborough Street,” Kellogg said. “I’ve heard stories about him being quite a ladies man.”

“That’s probably why he’s got back problems. Exercise some restraint, Captain Braxton.”

Sally Mink, another Wolfpack supporter, told reporters she thought NC State fans were being too hard on Beverly.

“His back is sore from trying to carry the weight of a disgruntled fan base to success,” Mink said. “He needs our support, not constant criticism.”

“No massage in the world can cure that kind of back pain.”

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