Citizens on Edge Following Toilet Paper Prank at Raleigh Home

Citizens of the city of Raleigh, North Carolina found themselves on edge Sunday following the toilet papering of a local home as news of the Coronavirus pandemic continued to pour in.

Harold Chance, a longtime Raleigh resident, woke up Sunday morning to discover the exterior of his house covered with toilet paper.

Chance told reporters he was outraged at the discovery, citing the increase in Coronavirus cases worldwide.

“We’re all supposed to be in this together,” Chance said. “We’re all suffering through the same massive toilet paper shortage, and someone thought it would be funny to toilet paper my house.”

“It’s disgusting, and it infuriates me. It’s practically a hate crime right now.”

Jeffery McGee, an officer with the Raleigh Police Department who responded to the emergency call, said he became sick when he arrived.

“Someone here has done a very sick thing,” McGee explained. “I had to look away to keep from losing my breakfast.”

“I can’t wait to nail the thugs who committed this heinous act.”

Sandy Robinson, a neighbor of Chance’s, said he was upset over the prank as well.

“I had to clothesline a dude at Food Lion on Wednesday just to get my hands on the last pack of Scott Tissue,” Robinson said. “Then I find out some fool TP’d my neighbor’s house? That’s just irresponsible.”

The Raleigh Police Department spokesperson called on the community to be vigilant, and to remain calm.

“Amidst the growing fears of the Coronavirus pandemic,” the spokesperson said, “be on the lookout for anyone walking around with spare rolls of toilet paper.”

“If you see anyone doing such a thing, do not panic, but contact the nearest officer or police station.”

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