Jameis Winston Studies Canadian Following Brady’s Likely Move to Tampa Bay

Following reports of quarterback Tom Brady leaving Foxboro for Tampa Bay, Buccaneers incumbent quarterback Jameis Winston announced that he has been studying Canadian in his spare time.

Winston told reporters Wednesday that with Brady’s likely move to the Bucs, he thought it would be a good idea to prepare himself in case he ended up moving to Canada to play in the CFL.

“It’s sort of a tough pill to swallow,” Winston admitted. “I just became the first quarterback to throw for 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in the same season. That should count for something, eh.”

“However, if the day does come when I end up playing in the Great Caucasian North, then I’ll be ready from my hours of studying the Canadian language.”

“Besides, I don’t think they have Coronavirus up there.”

Roger Maraniss, Winston’s Canadian tutor, said he was impressed with how well the quarterback has progressed with Canadian.

“He’s using far more ‘ehs’ in his daily conversation than when we started,” Maraniss said. “He has also doubled the amount of times he says ‘sorry’ when talking to others.”

“However, we are still working on getting him up to speed on his ‘hoouses’ and his ‘aboots’.”

Winston added that he wanted to learn Canadian so he could shut down internet trolls.

“Some jerk on Twitter, sorry, actually said he hoped I knew how to speak Canadian,” Winston said. “I told that mothercanucker that I never avoid a challenge.”

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