Nickelback to Hold Living Room Concert in Response to COVID-19, Nobody Cares

In response to the rise in COVID-19 cases worldwide, rock band Nickelback announced Monday that they would be holding a concert from Chad Kroeger’s living room.

Despite riding the coattails of the iHeart Radio’s “Living Room Concert for America”, which was held Sunday, no one seemed to care about the band’s announcement.

Kroeger told reporters that the band’s goal was to allow people to enjoy its music, whether they were under quarantine or not.

“This is a very challenging time for our world,” Kroeger explained. “We just thought that for just a little bit we could get peoples’ minds off the fact that the globe is being ravaged by a terrible virus.”

“And instead escape reality and bang their heads to some of our greatest hits.”

Witt Nelson, a Connecticut native who was placed under quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, told reporters he would rather die than watch another Nickelback concert.

“Dear God, just take me now,” Nelson said. “Death by Coronavirus is better than having to listen to Rock Star again.”

Richard Davis, a former nurse volunteering at a North Carolina hospital in order to help COVID-19 victims, said he wasn’t interested in any Nickelback concerts.

“That stuff was cool when I was in middle school,” Davis explained. “Honestly, if you adjusted the band’s name for inflation, it would be called Quarterback.”

“That’s how long it’s been since they were worth a damn.”

Nickelback’s concert is scheduled for April 1, and is available for streaming.

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