Woman Walks in on Boyfriend With “The Last Dance”

A local woman received the shock of her life when she walked in on her boyfriend sharing an intimate moment with the new ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance” Tuesday evening.

Rhonda Blake, a Cleveland Cavaliers/Miami Heat/Los Angeles Lakers fan, told reporters she had returned home from the store when she heard strange noises coming from her bedroom.

When she entered the room, Blake said she found her boyfriend, Sandy Dillard, fondling himself while watching “The Last Dance”, a documentary series that centers on NBA legend Michael Jordan and his career with the Chicago Bulls.

“I was horrified,” Blake said. “It was the absolute last thing I needed to see after spending two hours at the store fighting over toilet paper.”

“I always knew Sandy was a big Jordan fan, but not that big.”

Dillard told reporters that he tried to explain himself to Blake, but to no avail.

“It wasn’t what it looked like, really,” Dillard said. “I had been waiting for weeks for The Last Dance to come out, and I finally had time to watch the first episode while Rhonda was out.”

“It was so engrossing. I didn’t expect her to get home when she did, though.”

Blake said she was going to re-evaluate her relationship with Dillard following the incident.

“I mean, he’s never gotten that revved up for me,” Blake explained. “If his goofy ass had busted in on me getting hot over LeBron James in Trainwreck, then he would’ve had a fit.”

“At the very least, he’s on laundry duty for the rest of the month.”

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