Karens Incapable of Racism, Study Claims

The results of a study conducted by the Karen Research Institute (KRI) were released Wednesday with the bombshell claim that Karen is physically incapable of racism.

Dr. Karen Liedel, founder of the KRI, explained some of the highlights of the study during a press conference.

“It is with much excitement that I present the most important finding of this Karen study,” Dr. Liedel told reporters. “From a physical standpoint, Karens are not capable of racism.”

In recent years, “Karen” has become a slang term for abrasive, loud, nosy, suburban white women whose life mission is to speak to the manager. Karens have been known to display what could be argued as racist behavior.

According to Dr. Liedel’s study, however, the concept of Karen being racist is a gross misinterpretation.

“There is a misconception that Karens are racist,” Dr. Liedel elaborated, “because some white woman named Barbecue Becky called the police on a group of African Americans.”

“But my name is Karen, and I’m not racist, because I have mixed kids. And I have black friends.”

Dr. Liedel said that the study further proves that Karens cannot be racist because they follow a simple credo.

“Live, laugh, love,” Dr. Liedel explained. “Those three words, whether they are framed on the dining room wall or on the mantle in the living room, physically absolve Karens of any hint of racism.”

“It’s science.”

Some were skeptical of the study’s findings, however.

Dwayne Jared, a local manager with Chili’s, told reporters that Karens hassled him on a nightly basis before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There was this one time Karen asked to speak to me because there wasn’t enough ice in her lemonade,” Jared said. “I’m convinced that she went out of her way to antagonize me because I’m a person of color.”

Dr. Liedel was quick to respond to the allegation.

“If a Karen was giving the manager a hard time, then it wasn’t because the manager was black,” Dr. Liedel said, “it’s because he or she was the manager.”

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