Karen Actually Apologizes to Jogger for Sticking Her Nose Into His Business

A local Karen apologized to an African American man Tuesday afternoon after sticking her nose into his business while he was jogging in her neighborhood.

Karen Wentz, of Cary, North Carolina, told reporters that she was sitting on her front porch when she noticed Robert Paul, an African American jogger, striding along the sidewalk in front of her house.

“I couldn’t help myself, unfortunately,” Wentz said. “I had no idea our neighborhood even had black people, err, of color in it.”

Paul said he was annoyed when Wentz called out to him.

“I was just minding my own business,” Paul said. “Then this Karen starts yelling at me from her porch going all ‘what are you doing here?’ at me.”

“I swear I expected her to call the police, and I was about to start recording her with my phone, but then she apologized to me for being nosy.”

Paul said that he was so surprised that he put his phone back in his pocket.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Paul explained. “All these Karens trying to get involved in everything anyone else does, and this is the first time one of them actually apologized to me for doing it.”

Wentz said she apologized because she didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about her.

“I don’t want anyone around here to think I’m a racist,” Wentz said. “I have a black friend of color, you know.”

“But that nice black man of color can tell everyone that I’m not like all the other Karens, so maybe we’re making progress in society now.”

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