Trump Changes Tune on Confederate Monuments After Learning They Honor Democrats

President Donald Trump appeared to change his tune regarding Confederate monuments Friday after learning that many Confederates were members of the Democratic Party.

Trump told reporters that he didn’t realize that Democrats were the driving force behind the founding of the Confederate States of America, a coalition of states that seceded from the United States between 1860-1861, leading to the outbreak of the Civil War.

“Those big, beautiful statues and monuments,” Trump said. “I just assumed that since so many Democrats want to tear them down that they were Republicans.”

“Now I know that they were Democrats, which really doesn’t surprise me.”

Trump explained that he would personally donate funds for the destruction of any remaining Confederate monuments in the country.

“It turns out that the Confederacy only lasted a few years,” Trump said. “It just goes to show you what happens when Democrats have too much power.”

“Slaves, bad currency, bad soldiers, total disaster. All those statues need to come down now.”

Trump also applauded NASCAR for its recent decision to ban the Confederate flag at races.

“It’s perfect, just perfect,” Trump said. “I knew there weren’t any Democrat NASCAR fans out there. If there were, then they’d have no problem flying that dirty, vicious, nasty flag.”

“The Union won, the Confederates lost. Time to move on, believe me.”

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