Armchair QB Apologizes to Dave Doeren After NC State-Pittsburgh Game

A longtime armchair quarterback apologized to NC State Head Football Coach Dave Doeren on Monday, two days after the Wolfpack’s last-minute 30-29 victory over the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Jack Traxler, a 30-year armchair quarterback and lifelong Wolfpack fan, told reporters that he had lost his temper during the game when Doeren refused to listen to his suggestions.

“Man, it got ugly in my living room,” Traxler said. “A lot of naughty four-letter words were coming out of my mouth.”

“I just want the Wolfpack to win, so much of my life hinges on the Pack being successful.”

Traxler explained that once the game was over, he felt bad about all the negative things he had said about Doeren as a coach.

“That’s why I’m apologizing to Mr. Doeren now,” Traxler added. “I apologize for referring to him as a dolt, as an idiot, as vanilla, as Toby Flenderson, and so on.”

“I’d also like to apologize to my wife for putting my foot through the living room wall. That was a little excessive on my part.”

NC State (2-1) faces Virginia (1-1) on October 10 at noon. Traxler told reporters he would pulling for Doeren and the Wolfpack again.

“As long as they win,” Traxler said, “I’ll try my best not to refer to Mr. Doeren as Toby Flenderson.”

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