Man Attends Zoom Meeting Without Exposing Himself

A Raleigh man attended a Zoom meeting Monday and made it through the entire session without exposing himself to his colleagues.

Paul Wood, a home-bound office worker, told reporters he was worried that the meeting wouldn’t go well.

“I’ll tell you I was nervous,” Trapp explained. “I don’t have the most up-to-date computer in the world, so I was concerned that the connection would be choppy.”

“Besides, since I’ve been stuck at home since the COVID pandemic struck, I haven’t really felt the need to wear clothes all the time.”

Robert Nowak, Wood’s boss, said that the Zoom meeting went well because Wood has not exposed himself in the meeting.

“Oh, it was a fantastic meeting,” Nowak said. “When I saw Paul appear in the chat I knew it was going to be okay because he wasn’t wearing his birthday suit.”

“There was nothing that was hanging out or exposed, so it was all good.”

Nowak also mentioned the possibility of a promotion for Wood.

“This company needs all the non-exposing talent it can get, especially during this pandemic,” Nowak explained. “There’s enough free porn to look at without pulling a Jeffrey Toobin on Zoom.”

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