Wolfpack Captain Receives Stern Talking-to After NC State’s Win Over Georgia Tech

Following NC State’s regular season-ending 23-13 victory over Georgia Tech Saturday, one of the Wolfpack’s captains received a stern lecture from Head Coach Dave Doeren.

Wolfpack safety Tanner Ingle was disqualified for the third time this season after being flagged for targeting, which also disqualifies him from playing in a bowl game should the team get invited.

One player, who chose to remain anonymous, told reporters that he was scared for Ingle when Doeren pulled him aside in the locker room.

“He had this hushed tone in his voice with Tanner,” the player shivered. “It was downright creepy.”

“At first, I swear he was going to slap him on the wrist. You could see it in his eyes.”

Instead, Doeren just lectured Ingle softly, yet sternly, and waved a finger in his face.

NC State Defensive Coordinator Tony Gibson, who also witnessed the altercation, said he understood Doeren’s frustration.

“Ingle is a great player,” Gibson said, “when he’s not ramming his helmet into an opponent’s helmet and getting kicked out of the game for the third time.”

“He’d better be happy that we won the game, or else Dave might’ve actually raised his voice at him.”

Larry Hall, lifelong NC State fan and armchair quarterback, told reporters that Ingle should be kicked off the team.

“It’s ridiculous at this point,” Hall coughed. “I played his position back in high school, and I never got kicked out of a game.”

“Granted, that was 40 years ago, but still. I could play today and not get called for targeting.”

An investigation revealed that Hall actually never saw the field during his high school career, but did record 7 tackles in practice.

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