Man Accuses Wife of Jinxing Hurricanes Game During Game 4 Loss

A Raleigh man accused his wife of jinxing the Carolina Hurricanes Saturday, resulting in the team’s 6-4 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4 of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Bob Hollis, a Washington Capitals-turned-Hurricanes fan, told reporters that his wife, Sally, wasn’t much of a hockey fan in the first place.

“She might watch one game every two years,” Hollis explained. “The Canes were up 4-2. 4 to damn 2, and I’m sitting on the couch enjoying every minute of it.”

“Then Sally walked into the room, and the game went all to hell.”

Mrs. Hollis said that she simply wondered in to the living room to see what all the noise was about.

“I hadn’t heard that kind of racket since the Caps won the Stanley Cup,” Mrs. Hollis said. “Whooping, hollering, the sound of beer cans being crushed on the recently-vacuumed carpet, I had to check on my husband to make sure we weren’t going to end up in the news.”

“A lot of good that did.”

Hollis said he wished that his wife had picked a different time to watch hockey.

“I mean come on, it’s the playoffs,” Hollis argued. “The Canes are down two games to one, they storm to a 4-2 lead, and then my wife decides to waltz on in and check on the game?”

“She’s the reason they lost. The Lightning aren’t even that good. I wish she had just stayed in the kitchen.”

The Lightning now lead the series three games to one, with game 5 scheduled for June 8 in Raleigh.

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