Gonzaga Coach Mark Few Busted for DUI: “I Only Had a Few”

Gonzaga Head Basketball Coach Mark Few was cited for suspicion of DUI Monday in Northern Idaho, according to the Coeur d’Alene Police department.

However, according to one officer at the scene, Few defended his actions by claiming he “only had a few”.

One member of the Coeur d’Alene Police department, who asked to remain anonymous, Few claimed that he didn’t actually have that much to drink.

“I mean, he wasn’t a completely slobbering idiot,” the officer told reporters. “He said that he only had a few drinks, and I believe him.”

One Gonzaga basketball fan was dumbfounded at the news.

Jeremy Gould, a lifelong Bulldogs fan, said he was concerned about whether or not the university would fire Few following the incident.

“The man is a great coach,” Gould explained. “I certainly hope the university doesn’t decide to get rid of him.”

“He could drink Chet Holmgren’s weight in Gin, and I wouldn’t mind. As long as he keeps winning.”

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