Mack Brown Following FSU Loss: “Tribute to Bowden”

UNC Head Football Coach Mack Brown was ready with an explanation following the Tar Heels’ 35-25 loss to Florida State Saturday: respect for the late Bobby Bowden.

Bowden, the former National-championship-winning-coach for FSU, recently passed away in August at the age of 91. Brown told reporters that he didn’t feel comfortable beating the Seminoles because of that.

“Bobby was a legend,” Brown explained. “It wouldn’t sit right with me to finally beat Florida State the same year that the great Bobby Bowden leaves this planet.”

“I figured I owed FSU a mulligan. Again.”

One UNC fan, however, was not so understanding.

Josh Blount, a self-described UNC legendary fan, said that Brown had no excuse to not beat a (previously) 1-4 FSU team.

“Man, I tell you what,” Blount told reporters, “Mike O’Cain has beaten Florida State more times than Mack Brown has.”

“I thought Mack was back. Well it turns out that he is, back to losing to FSU.”

UNC, a previously trendy preseason top 10 pick, falls to 3-3 on the season.

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