NC State Fans Start Funding For TV Show Starring AD Corrigan

Following NC State’s 45-42 loss to Wake Forest Saturday, a group of Wolfpack fans announced that they would start fundraising for an animated television series based on NC State Athletic Director Boo Corrigan.

DJ Stencil, NC State graduate and illustrator, has been spearheading the project since NC State was eliminated from the 2021 NCAA College World Series. Stencil is the head of the group Artists Against Boo, or AAB.

“It’s sort of a combination between ‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’,” Stencil told reporters, “we’ve had the idea percolating ever since the COVID disaster in Omaha.”

“The working title is ‘Scooby Boo, Where are You?’”

According to Stencil, the show will feature a group of disappointed NC State fans who spend each episode trying to find Corrigan, but he eludes them at the end of each episode.

“They’ll want to ask him questions, such as why the school’s football spending is the lowest in the ACC,” Stencil explained. “But just when they’re about to ask him he runs away.”

Lisa Britton, another AAB member, told reporters that they were still bouncing ideas around.

“At one point we thought it would be interesting if the fans finally caught Boo,” Britton said, “only to pull his mask off and discover that he’s actually Todd Turner in disguise.”

“But that’s not set in stone.”

Corrigan could not be reached for comment, due to an accident with a pair of jeans at the dry cleaners, according to a spokesperson.

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