Wolfpack Fan Claims Responsibility for Victory over UNC

Following NC State’s come-from-behind 34-30 victory over UNC on Friday, one disgruntled Wolfpack fan was quick to claim responsibility.

Jack Vernon, a lifelong NC State fan who claims to be in a “love-hate relationship” with the school’s athletic department, told reporters that the Wolfpack won the game because he didn’t watch.

“It’s pretty much science, some of that mathematical analytical analysis,” Vernon explained. “If I watch them play UNC, they lose.”

“If I don’t watch, State wins. I’ve got the statistics to prove it. Whenever I watch State play UNC in any sport, State loses 89% of the time. When I don’t watch? State only loses 45% of the time.”

Other NC State fans were quick to disagree with Vernon’s philosophy, however.

Troy Worrell, another lifelong Wolfpack fan, said that Vernon was a sellout.

“That dude didn’t play a single down last night,” Worrell told reporters. “He didn’t even watch the game. Now he wants to take credit for a Wolfpack victory?”

“Nah, fam. Not gonna happen.”

NC State finishes the regular season at 9-3, while UNC sits at 6-6. The Wolfpack needs Wake Forest to lose to Boston College Saturday in order to make the ACC Championship game.

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