Zelenskyy Awarded Honorary Fine Arts Degree

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was awarded an honorary degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts Wednesday for his “commitment to democracy and art in a time of war”.

UNCSA’s School of Design and Production gifted Zelenskyy with the honor based on his proficiency in creative art.

“We are so proud to now count Ukraine President Zelenskyy as an honorary alumnus of our university,” UNCSA spokesperson Lena Jovovich told reporters. “In a time of crisis for Ukraine, he has mastered the art of combining primary colors to create something new and profound.”

“Remember, when you mix yellow and blue together, you get green. That’s Art 101.”

One Twitter user known as Defense of Ukraine, or @DefenceU, told reporters that they were pleased to see so much appreciation for Zelenskyy from an American university.

“Oh, I think it’s great,” @DefenceU said. “When you’re besieged by Russian bot pigs daily on Twitter, it’s good to read about something positive.”

“How many honorary degrees from UNCSA does Putin have? I’ll bet it’s zero.”

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill), was more muted in his praise.

“It’s a nice gesture,” Kinzinger explained, “but an honorary degree doesn’t shoot down planes or blow up tanks.”

“You know what does? Another 100 billion for Ukraine.”

Zelenskyy couldn’t be reached for comment, due to the fact that he was accompanying his wife on another shopping spree.

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