ATF Opens File on NAFO Twitter Users, Disappointed to Learn They’re Not Real Dogs

A spokesperson for the ATF admitted Wednesday that they had opened a file on NAFO enthusiasts on Twitter, but that the bureau was disappointed to learn that the users were not, in fact, real dogs.

NAFO is a social media movement which has been a vocal supporter of the Ukrainian defense against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started just over a year ago.

Gerry Wallis, ATF spokesperson, told reporters that the usage of dogs in NAFO Twitter profile pictures caused a stir in the bureau.

“The profile pictures for these Twitter uses feature a dog’s head on a human’s body, and many of them also feature weapons of war.” Wallis said.

“I mean, dogs and guns in the same picture? You know how we feel about both of those things here at the ATF.”

Wallis explained that the common theme of the NAFO enthusiasts placing their location at Langley, VA, was also a cause for concern.

“You know who’s at Langley,” Wallis said, “the CIA. We thought maybe there was some sort of black ops involving dogs and guns.”

“I’m not gonna lie, a lot of us were pretty bummed to find out that these people weren’t actually dogs with weapons. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen combat with hostile canines.”

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