House of 1,000,000 Roaches

As a pest control technician, I often have customers ask me about my experiences in the field. "What's the worst infestation you've ever seen?" is the most common question I get, especially with new customers. I always respond with, "Are you sure you want to know?" The answer is always "yes!" I've been fighting pests … Continue reading House of 1,000,000 Roaches

Fido: The Dog Avenger

Has anyone ever created a superhero for dogs? No no no, not a dog superhero. Rather, a superhero who specializes in protecting and rescuing man's best friend. Personally, I think that would be pretty badass. I know years ago they had that McGruff "Take a bite out of crime" character, but I'm pretty sure he … Continue reading Fido: The Dog Avenger

Aquarium Reform Now!

Anyone else hear about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's aquarium excursion this weekend? Apparently Mr. Johnson pissed off a bunch of animal rights activists after going to the Georgia Aquarium with his family on Sunday. Something about how going to an aquarium is an endorsement of animal captivity blah blah blah, I'm pretty sure it was … Continue reading Aquarium Reform Now!