New Year’s Resolutions

(If I was a dog, this is how I would look on New Year's Eve) Woo boy, it's that time of year again...the end of it. I'm grateful that I don't have to hear any more about how "Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever, bro!"...until next Christmas, that is (maybe I'll have a … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

“Killing the SS” and Other Thoughts on Nazis

This Christmas my parents got me a copy of the new book Killing the SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals In History, written by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. Holy shit, is it a page-turner! I would say it would make for a good film, but there have been plenty of those Let's-stick-it-to-the-old-Nazi-war-criminals-hiding-out-post-WWII … Continue reading “Killing the SS” and Other Thoughts on Nazis

Yankee Swap/White Elephant

Tomorrow is my office's Christmas social gathering. I won't call it a "party" because there is no alcohol 😉. Still, we're going to have breakfast catered to us, so I refuse to complain. Free food is free food. We're also hanging our annual White Elephant gift exchange, or as Michael Scott likes to call it: … Continue reading Yankee Swap/White Elephant