Snow Snow Snow Snoooooow! 🥶

Well, how about that? I can't remember the last time it snowed here in December! Snow makes everything look more idyllic than it actually is, especially before it gets slushed up by boots, tires, paws and shovels. Yet whenever I see snow, my first thought is always of The Wendigo, from Scary Stories to Tell … Continue reading Snow Snow Snow Snoooooow! 🥶

Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, right? Damn right it is, so remember that the next time your significant other gets you a bottle of mouthwash. You know, for when you're both standing under the mistletoe. He or she didn't have to get you ANYTHING, after all. That said, I do think … Continue reading Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas in Cleveland

The countdown is on; only 15 days left until Boo-thang and I make our annual Christmas trip to Cleveland! 🥶 I never thought I'd spend a single Christmas in a city famous for its burning river, but then I met my wife and now it's a tradition for us. We're guaranteed a Christmas with snow … Continue reading Christmas in Cleveland