Yankee Swap/White Elephant

Tomorrow is my office's Christmas social gathering. I won't call it a "party" because there is no alcohol 😉. Still, we're going to have breakfast catered to us, so I refuse to complain. Free food is free food. We're also hanging our annual White Elephant gift exchange, or as Michael Scott likes to call it: … Continue reading Yankee Swap/White Elephant

“I ❤️ Gay Porn” or: Car Magnet Pranks

Well, how's THAT for a title? I'll explain. Not that there's anything that NEEDS explaining, as if there's something WRONG with loving gay porn. I'll love any kind of porn I want, because this is MURICA...except kiddie porn, because that's just fucked up, and illegal, and illegally fucked up. Not that it wouldn't be fucked … Continue reading “I ❤️ Gay Porn” or: Car Magnet Pranks