Thai-Jinks or: ESPN is NOT Thai

Writer's block can be such a bitch. The abusive, demeaning, gaslighting kind of bitch. You know, an ex-girlfriend kind of bitch 😝. Sure, I could've written about Valentine's Day, but that would've been too easy (I didn't forget about it. I got Boo-Thang some candy, a card, and a bag of flour, because I'm a … Continue reading Thai-Jinks or: ESPN is NOT Thai

Thailand, My Heart

Oh it's been a good day. In addition to it being, you know, FRIDAY, a new t-shirt I ordered last week finally arrived in the mail. Yup, that's the Thailand flag. My second-favorite country after MURICA (actually, it's the only other country I've actually been to, besides The Bahamas and the Tokyo airport). I just … Continue reading Thailand, My Heart

Bangkok>Flying to Bangkok

When I was eight, my parents and I flew to Bangkok to adopt my younger brother Nathan (the first of my two adopted siblings. We adopted my second brother Simon when I was twelve). Sure, knowing that you're flying halfway around the world to meet your brother is pretty cool, but you know what else … Continue reading Bangkok>Flying to Bangkok