Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Guess who's playing on Monday Night Football? The Washington Redskins. Guess who else is playing today in the ALDS? The Cleveland Indians. Aaaaaaaand guess who else is playing in the NLDS? The Atlanta Braves. You can't make this stuff up. The most un-woke Indigenous Peoples Day ever. Only in the Trump … Continue reading Indigenous Peoples’ Day

America vs. MURICA

There is America. Then there's MURICA. They're both technically the same, you know, country and all. But MURICA is, just, more MURICAN, that's all. Unadulterated, tea-in-Boston-Harbor, scuffing-the-baseball...MURICAN. 🇺🇸 For example, America is a Bald Eagle. MURICA is a Bald Eagle with a mullet, aviators and a red, white and blue bandanna. (Which would make it … Continue reading America vs. MURICA