Wolfpack Flop

(Oh look, there's me, wondering where NC State's shooting went today!) I'm not even mad. I'm just...a little bit befuddled. #23 NC State lost to #12 Virginia Tech this afternoon, 47-24. Now, if this had been the final score of a college football game, in the late-90s, against a Michael Vick-led Virginia Tech team, I … Continue reading Wolfpack Flop

Bring Back Short Shorts

It's 2019, and I have a bold proposition. And I mean bold. We should bring back short shorts for men. Isn't a bit odd that while we have gotten more progressive as a society (gays can get married now!), mens' shorts have gotten more (gasp) conservative? Why isn't it socially acceptable for men to wear … Continue reading Bring Back Short Shorts

Cardiac Arrest Pack

*This is an NC State basketball post, so brace yourself for one of the biggest homer fans in sports* Woo boy diggity giggity dawg that was one heart attack of a game! NC State 69 Clemson 67 Was this a game the Wolfpack COULD have easily won? Yes. Was this a game the Wolfpack SHOULD … Continue reading Cardiac Arrest Pack