Those Suing Saints Fans

Did anyone else catch that Saints-Rams NFC Championship last weekend? Sure, the Rams won in overtime, 26-23, to go to the Super Bowl, and that's good for them. But if you watched the game, then surely you remember the controversy involving those missed pass interference calls against the Rams late in the 4th quarter. Now, … Continue reading Those Suing Saints Fans

Lunch Date at Applebee’s

Boo-Thang and I finally found ourselves with the same weekend off, so what did we do? We decided to head to Raleigh to get a case of the Applebeetus. That's Wilford-Brimley-speak for "Applebee's". We had a 25-dollar gift card that our friend sent us for Christmas, but we hadn't had an opportunity to use it … Continue reading Lunch Date at Applebee’s

Wolfpack Basketball, Superheroes, and the National Anthem

I was fortunate enough to attend the NC State-Pittsburgh basketball game today with my younger brother. Then again, I'm the one who got him the tickets for Christmas, so he BETTER had let me tag along. He was too cool to take a selfie with me, but oh well. It was one of the ugliest … Continue reading Wolfpack Basketball, Superheroes, and the National Anthem