Movie Goofs

I love movies. Okay, that's about as obvious a statement from me as "Panera is overpriced" or "pineapple doesn't belong on pizza." It's true, though. I'm a bonafide film buff. One of my favorite things to do when I'm watching a movie is to look for goofs. You know, things that don't add up, either … Continue reading Movie Goofs

Bad Movie Monday: Invasion U.S.A.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first Bad Movie Monday post! Each Monday I will be reviewing a bad movie (hence the title 😉) because, well, I LOVE bad movies. Well, I love talking shit about bad movies. In my opinion, there are four types of bad movies: 1. Disappointing 2. Hot Garbage 3. Entertainingly … Continue reading Bad Movie Monday: Invasion U.S.A.

America vs. MURICA

There is America. Then there's MURICA. They're both technically the same, you know, country and all. But MURICA is, just, more MURICAN, that's all. Unadulterated, tea-in-Boston-Harbor, scuffing-the-baseball...MURICAN. 🇺🇸 For example, America is a Bald Eagle. MURICA is a Bald Eagle with a mullet, aviators and a red, white and blue bandanna. (Which would make it … Continue reading America vs. MURICA