Cleveland Hijinks

Our first full day in Cleveland was an absolute blast. No, three years ago I would have never put the words "Cleveland", "absolute", and "blast" in the same sentence in that order. Fast-forward to 2018, and Boo-Thang and I are willingly spending our third Christmas in the city of Browns, Cavaliers and Indians. Color me … Continue reading Cleveland Hijinks

On to Cleveland

Well, it was the toughest four-day week in ages (since the last four-day week, I suppose), but Boo-Thang and I survived. Today, it's on to Cleveland! We've got jumper cables, a spare tire, an industrial jack, a full tank of gas, and Amazon Music (you're wrong if you don't think were gonna blast "Country Roads, … Continue reading On to Cleveland

Cleveland: 1-1-1

They did it! The Cleveland Browns finally did it! I can't believe it! OH MY GOD! As Tupac Shakur once said, "Break out the champagne glasses and mothafuckin' condoms!" Wait, did the Browns win the Super Bowl? No. Did the Browns win a playoff game? No. Did the Browns win a game that qualifies them … Continue reading Cleveland: 1-1-1