Christmas in Cleveland

The countdown is on; only 15 days left until Boo-thang and I make our annual Christmas trip to Cleveland! 🥶 I never thought I'd spend a single Christmas in a city famous for its burning river, but then I met my wife and now it's a tradition for us. We're guaranteed a Christmas with snow … Continue reading Christmas in Cleveland

Black Friday and the NBA Jersey Curse

Dust off your elbow pads and lace up those steel-toed boots, because it's Black Friday! Or, if you're not into public displays of grabbing that last Xbox before the old lady next to you does, then make sure your clicker-finger is limber and shop online 😉 My wife is a die-hard (more on the "die" … Continue reading Black Friday and the NBA Jersey Curse

Chick Flick, Right Ahead!

Chick flicks. I'm not a fan. They're corny, they're predictable, and they're oftentimes poorly written. There is one exception, though. Ti-damn-tanic. Greatest chick flick eveeeeeeeer! I have a running suggestion for my wife: whenever Titanic is on TV, and it's not Monday night (I have a meeting early Tuesday mornings), then she has my permission … Continue reading Chick Flick, Right Ahead!