Man Takes Dogs to Gay Conversion Therapy

A dog owner was escorted out of a therapy office after trying to sneak his dogs in with him Monday afternoon. Floyd Fallus, 60, was seen walking his dogs, Fluff and Nutter, into Sunrise Therapy, a conversion clinic that specializes in gay conversion therapy. "I'm at my wit's end," Fallus told reporters. "I saw one … Continue reading Man Takes Dogs to Gay Conversion Therapy

Cheaters: The Canine Files

One of my favorite things about being a pest control technician is meeting new customers. Oh wow, did I just type "meeting new customers"? I meant to type "meeting new customers' dogs" 😉. Because dogs are fun, sweet and ADOWABOWL! People are not. I don't know if my dogs, Miles and Crackers, appreciate me meeting … Continue reading Cheaters: The Canine Files

New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions

NC State plays the 3rd-ranked Virginia Cavaliers tonight, and I think it's time for me to conduct a little experiment in...superstition. With 2nd year coach Kevin Keatts leading the Pack, and a new attitude in tow, I believe a few new game day rituals are in order. I know believing in superstitions runs contrary to … Continue reading New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions