Man Calls for Renaming of Great White Shark

A Raleigh man called for the renaming of the Great White Shark Monday, weeks after the Discovery Channel aired its annual Shark Week programming block. Clark Reid, a self-proclaimed "social justice champion", told reporters he was inspired to call for the change after watching Shark Week in August. "As we undergo many changes in our … Continue reading Man Calls for Renaming of Great White Shark

Lent on the Horizon

Well gang, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means today is: OVERWEIGHT TUESDAY! Okay, so technically it's "Fat Tuesday", but I'm trying to be more sensitive to the plight of those who are carrying a few extra pounds (me). Yep, good ol' Overweight Tuesday, my last chance to cut loose before the marathon of Lent. So … Continue reading Lent on the Horizon