New Year’s Chicken Nuggets

I began 2019 by going to Mass (it's the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, a holy day). But as I sat in the pew this morning, all I could think about was getting some chicken nuggets from Burger King (I still had a few bucks on the BK gift card that my in-laws got … Continue reading New Year’s Chicken Nuggets

Waffle House Hashbrowns

You know what's better than Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House? Waffle House hashbrowns. To be perfectly fair, outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan can't hold a candle to those shredded spuds of glory, either. I heard KC O'Dea talking about them on the radio yesterday, and now all I can think about is going to … Continue reading Waffle House Hashbrowns

You Got Me, SC

File this under "Things from South Carolina that aren't as repulsive as you think." As a lifelong Old-North-Stater (I absolutely refuse to refer to myself as being from the "Tar Heel State"), I first scoffed at the idea of mustard-based barbecue sauce years ago while I was traveling to Florida with my best friend, Chase, … Continue reading You Got Me, SC