That time I met Vince Vaughn

I don't run into famous folks very often. Sure, I shook hands with Ken Burns once, and Margaret Cho used to follow me on Twitter (during my open mic days). But for the most part, my Rolodex isn't bursting with star power. There was this one time, though, where I was on my way to … Continue reading That time I met Vince Vaughn

Cheap Thrills

"A box of white, A box of red, Perhaps a box of Rosaaaaaaay instead. Fix the table in the kitchen You and I Face to face." -Scenes From NOT An Italian Restaurant (sorry, Billy Joel 😉) My wife and I aren't one of those let's-blow-a-boatload-of-money-on-stuff couples. Why splurge on an expensive bottle of wine when … Continue reading Cheap Thrills