Halloween Eve: Psycho and Deadly Affairs

My wife has never seen Psycho. Sure, she's met a few psychos in her life (I'm not one of them, just in case you were wondering), but I'm talking about the movie. The original. 1960. Alfred-Hitchcock-directed. Non-Vince-Vaughn version of Psycho (no offense, Vince!) My response: "WHAT?!" We were watching an episode of Deadly Affairs on … Continue reading Halloween Eve: Psycho and Deadly Affairs

Bay-gel vs. Bah-gel

My wife is from Ohio. I am from North Carolina. These two facts mean that there is an inevitable difference in the way we pronounce things AND a difference in what we call things. For example, we were watching Fatal Vows (an Investigation Discovery show, because nothing says "happy marriage" like Investigation Discovery shows), and … Continue reading Bay-gel vs. Bah-gel