Boo-Thang B-Day Crunch Time

Tomorrow is Boo-Thang's birthday. (For any new readers, or any readers that forgot, or any readers at all, "Boo-Thang" is code for "wife" 😉) She's hitting that Presidential number, too. The big 3-5. She certainly doesn't look it (no, I'm not saying that to earn brownie points or to get out of a future honey-do … Continue reading Boo-Thang B-Day Crunch Time

C-3PO is a Slut

I have watched the original Star Wars trilogy more times than I can count, and one thing that always stuck out, in my mind, was that C-3PO suffered all sorts of abuse. Whether it was catching flack from Han Solo in the middle of an asteroid field, or receiving a harsh "Shut up!" from Leia … Continue reading C-3PO is a Slut

The Jedi Pyramid Scheme

Lately I've been on a bit of a Star Wars kick. Ever since "Santa" got me the original Star Wars Trilogy on VHS back in the 90's (the ORIGINAL trilogy, not that CGI-riddled stuff), I've been a fan. As Luke Skywalker once said, "I've learned so much since then." For example, I originally thought it … Continue reading The Jedi Pyramid Scheme