Boo-Thang B-Day Crunch Time

Tomorrow is Boo-Thang's birthday. (For any new readers, or any readers that forgot, or any readers at all, "Boo-Thang" is code for "wife" 😉) She's hitting that Presidential number, too. The big 3-5. She certainly doesn't look it (no, I'm not saying that to earn brownie points or to get out of a future honey-do … Continue reading Boo-Thang B-Day Crunch Time

Weiner’s Out

*Heads up (heh heh) this post is a bit inappropriate* Welp, Anthony Weiner is out of the joint (Heh heh, "joint"), so I decided to buy a bottle of every 15-year-old girl's favorite drink in honor of the occasion: Note: I don't KNOW that from personal experience. Boo-Thang told me. Another note: Smirnoff Ice is … Continue reading Weiner’s Out

Thai-Jinks or: ESPN is NOT Thai

Writer's block can be such a bitch. The abusive, demeaning, gaslighting kind of bitch. You know, an ex-girlfriend kind of bitch 😝. Sure, I could've written about Valentine's Day, but that would've been too easy (I didn't forget about it. I got Boo-Thang some candy, a card, and a bag of flour, because I'm a … Continue reading Thai-Jinks or: ESPN is NOT Thai